A Moms Group/Mommy & Me Group

A Moms Group

There are groups called a Moms Group and Mommy & Me Group where you can meet other moms.  Sometimes it is just moms that meet. Other groups are for moms and kids, the kids interact and the moms talk. These groups are typically for kids under age 5.

The phrase “mommy and me” refers to when a mom and their child go somewhere with other moms and children and play together. The ME in “mommy and me” means the child.

Many moms enjoy going to a moms groups because they need to meet other moms and have some time to socialize; having adult conversations about life, motherhood, etc. Often moms feel lonely and that they only talk about kid stuff. Mommy groups give moms a place to make friends and socialize.

Most cities & towns have a moms group. The group may be hosted by a local organization, a church, and/or a person. You can “ask around” (ask people) about mom’s groups in your local area. Or, search on Google, “moms groups in (your town/city)”.

Mom’s groups are usually free.

Try the link below to find a local moms group.

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If the website below doesn’t show options in your city/town. Search on Google, “moms groups in (your town/city)”.