Verbs Meanings

  1. When something/someone is on fire/ producing a flame
  2. To destroy, damage and/or injure by fire or heat.


Future tense: burn

Present tense: burning

Past tense: burned



  • Be careful to watch the pan, so the food doesn’t burn.
  • The candle is burning.
  • I smell something burning.
  • He burned the toast.



Noun meanings:

  1. An injury cause by fire and/or heat



She has a burn on her hand because she accidently touched a hot pan without an oven mitt.


Types of Burns:

  • Sunburn: redness and pain of the skin due to exposure of the sun.

Example: She always applies sunscreen to prevent sunburn.


  • Razor burn: redness or pain on the skin caused my friction of a razor.

Example: Sometimes people can razor burn after shaving.


  • Rope burn: redness or pain on the skin caused my friction of a rope.

Example: If you are grabbing a rope with bare hands, you may get rope burn.


  • Rug burn: redness or pain on the skin caused my friction of a carpet/rug.

Example: If you are crawling on a carpet/rug with the skin on your knees exposed, you may be rope burn.


Burnt: (an adjective) can be used to describe object that is damaged by heat.


Last time, the steak was burnt.

The fabric was burnt by the candle.



Burn: a cutting insult.


Wow, that was a burn.

Seriously, there is on need to burn people.


Burned down: to completely destroy by fire.

Example: The building completely burned down.


Another meaning of burn

The verb burn and the adjective burnt can be used to describe a person who is exercising; they are converting energy to calories.


You can burn up to 300 calories in an hour if you do this work out.

That is a fat burning exercise.

He just burned 200 calories.