City, Suburb, Countryside, or Rural

Remote area: an area that is far from the city or places where most people live, often difficult to get to.

Other words with the same meaning: secluded, isolated


Phrases about the city, suburbs, countryside, or a rural area

“In the middle of nowhere” = a place far from other people, homes, businesses, cities, etc.

Example: They live in the middle of nowhere.


“In the sticks” = in an area where there is lots of forest and woods

Example: Their house is out in the sticks.


“In the boondocks” = to live along (far) away from town or civilization.

Example: This place is out in the boondocks.


“God-knows where”: A place that people may not know its location.

Example: God-knows where it is located.


“backwoods”: A wooded area that is far away from the city.

Example: The bar is located in some backwoods area.


“In a backwater”: A place where there is no development or progress happening.

Example: They live in some backwater town.


Terms Used to Talk About People from the city and countryside/ rural areas.


“City slicker”: Used by people who live in the countryside/a rural area to describe a person who is from the city.

Example: We don’t like city slicker’s like you coming around here trying to buy farmland to then build condos.


“Country bumpkin”: An insult for a person who lives in the countryside and the person is thought to not be intelligent or educated.

Example: Just because he is wearing overalls, doesn’t mean he is a country bumpkin.


“hick”: An offensive word used to refer to someone who has always lived in the country/countryside and does not know about “city life” (living in a city).

Example:  Just because they own a farm, does not mean they’re hicks.


“Redneck”: A very offensive term that is used to refer to an uneducated white person, most likely they live in the south of the U.S, on a farm, or in a rural area.

Example: When people from the city or the suburbs get upset with people that live in rural areas of the south, the first offensive term they might say is “you redneck”.