The word dare has a few different meanings and can be used in different ways.

Verb meanings:

  1. To have the courage to do something.
  2. To disobey or challenge someone


  • I dare you to go over there and talk to him.
  • She wouldn’t dare ask him for a favor.
  • She doesn’t dare disagree with them.
  • He wouldn’t dare talk about his problems.
  • Don’t you dare ask him, his “plate is already full” (the person is occupied with many things).



Noun meaning:

  1. a challenge


  • It is a dare.
  • They dared him to streak (run naked).



The game: Truth or Dare

There is a game called Truth or Dare.

It is when a group of people get together. One by one,

someone asks another person “Truth or Dare

  • If the person says “truth”, they have to honestly answer the question that is asked.
  • If the person says “dare”, they have to complete the dare told to them.