Election Day

When is Election Day?

Election Day Election Day is the day that U.S. citizens vote their elected officials into office.

Election Day is always the first Tuesday in November.

Schools are often closed on Election Day.

Many schools are closed on election day because schools are used as polling places (places people vote).

Who can vote?

Almost all U.S. citizens that are above the age of 18 can vote. Citizens must be a registered voter to vote on election day. It costs nothing to vote.

Where do people go to vote?

Where you go to vote depends on where you live. It is usually at your local school or church. Depending on the state, there are different options for people to vote before election day.

Absentee Ballot?

If a person is not going to be in the area or unable to vote on election day, they can request to complete an absentee ballot and vote ahead of time. In some places, the lines to vote can be very long. Therefore, many people vote early, going in person to vote during a specific time period before election day.

How do you vote?

On Election Day, you go to your local “polling place”, where you are supposed to vote. This usually goes by your address. Polling places are usually open 6am-8pm.

People use a ballot to vote. A ballot is the piece of paper where you mark your vote.

What is a term?

Each elected official position has a specific term. A term is the number of years that the elected position allows someone to serve. After a term is up (finished), a new election is held. For example, the term for the U.S. presidency is 4 years.

What is an incumbent?

The incumbent (person who currently holds the elected official position) may be able to run again for their position, but it depends on the position.

How can I register to vote?

Every time you move to a new town/city you must go the city/town hall in your city/town. Once you are there, you will most likely be directed to the Town Clerk or the Registrar of Voters office where you will register to vote. It costs nothing to register to vote. Sometimes, at citizenship ceremonies, for people who are just became a citizen of the U.S., there might be someone in the court room that will help you register to vote.

**DISCLAIMER:** This in general information used for the purpose of teaching English. This is general information. However, voting locations, hours, etc. changes by town/city. Please contact your town’s/city’s Register of Voters.