Frugal & Thrifty    &    Cheap & Stingy   

FRUGAL: When a person is careful how they spend their money because they don’t have a lot of money.

  • They are frugal when they grocery shop.
  • She has to be frugal; she doesn’t make much money.

THRIFTY: You get creative with how you spend your money.

Thrift shop/Thrift store =Goodwill

  • He is the sole provider for the family, so they have to be thrifty with their money.
  • She is thrifty; she checks the newspapers for coupons every week.


CHEAP: When someone is cheap, it is a negative connotation, saying they won’t part with a little amount of money.

  • They are
  • He is cheap, he refused to pay a fair price for good quality work.

STINGY: “Can’t part with” (Can’t spend/give away) a cent/penny.

  • He is stingy, refuses to pay extra for that service.
  • They have so much money, but they are very stingy.