How to Find FREE English Classes for Adults in the U.S.

First, you must know that English classes are often referred to as ESL classes

ESL means English as a Second Language.

Many places say ELL classes (English Learner Learner) classes.


Every city or town has free (school) for children Kindergarten-12th grade.

Usually, each city/town has its own school district.

For example, Boston has the Boston School District.

The school districts are usually called, (city/town name) Public Schools.

For example, Boston Public Schools


Your local district/ __________ Public Schools most likely offers free Adult Education classes.


You should contact your local public school’s main/central office.

It is usually in or near the City/Town Hall (the building where all city/town offices are)

You can also do this by going to Google and searching for

Your city/town name public schools”

Your city/town name public schools’ adult education”

Then, ask if they have free ESL classes.

Most likely they do and if they do not, they will tell you where to go.


Or, you can call  any local public school and they will tell you who to contact.

Just ask, where can I find, “free adult English classes” or “free adult ESL classes.”


In the US, parents pay nothing for their children to attend public schools.

There are no school fees, no book fees, etc. Also, parents can apply for their children to receive free lunch at school. Sometimes there is a free breakfast program too.

Likewise, adult education programs are usually free. Especially the English classes.