Let’s Talk About Age!

  • When we talk about age. We use the verb “to be”.

I am 30.

He is 19.

She is 25.

We are 42.

They are 51.


  • Young: Having lived a short time


I am young.

He is young.

She is young.

We are young.

They are young.


  • Old: Having lived many years


I am old.

He is old.

She is old.

We are old.

They are old.

It is old.

Saying that someone is old. Or, calling (telling) someone their old, can be a perceived as rude.


  • middle-aged”: A person who is around 50 years old.

Could be used for someone 45-55 years old.


He is a middle-aged man.

The tour was full of middle-aged people.


  • If you are talking about the approximate age of a person,

people say…

A person’s name is in her/his 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc.


Mike is in his 20s.

She is in her 30s.

He looks like he is in his early-40s.

They are in their mid-50s.

He is in his late-60s.