Surrendering A Baby (Newborn under 30 days old)

**This is not professional legal advice and laws may change from state to state**

In the U.S. (in most states), you can surrender (give away) a newborn baby (under 30 days old) at any hospital emergency room. It is not illegal. You will not be arrested.

This is due to (because) of Safe Haven Laws


You can walk into any emergency room at a hospital and give the baby to a nurse.

You do not need to stay.

Yes, the hospital will want you to stay, but you are free to leave.

You do not have to answer any questions that you do not want to.

The hospital will want to get information from you about yourself or the baby. You can stay to give in the information or leave.


The hospital CANNOT call the police.

The hospital only wants your information to see if they can help you or to know about the baby. To know the baby’s name, date of birth, health information.

YOU CAN’T BE ARRESTED for surrendering a baby under 30 days at a hospital emergency room.

Again, this is not professional legal advice.