The Check (bill) & the Tip

The Check:

In a restaurant, the bill is a list of each item (food & drinks) that you ordered, and the cost/charge of each item.

Most people call the bill “the check”.

Using the word “check” will may you sound 100% American!

Example: Can I have the check?

This lets the waiter/waitress know you would like to pay the bill and leave.

Then, they will bring you the check.


The Tip:

The amount of money you leave after receiving a service, like being served in a restaurant.

In the United States, the typical custom is to tip (gratuity) 15-20% of your bill.

It is usually rounded up to the nearest dollar.


Like in the photo below, the bill looks like it was $20. The person left a $4 tip.

If you’re in a restaurant and you pay with cash and you are going to give the waiter/waitress the amount of the check and the tip together. You are not expecting any more back.

You can hand the waiter/waitress the money and say, “I don’t need any change.”

This, lets them know you are paying the bill and the rest of the money is their tip.


If you are paying with a credit card, there is a section to add/write in the tip ad you add the total amount, letting the restaurant know, the amount you are authorizing your card to be charged.


If you are worried about trying to calculate the tip. Here is a trick!

Round up the amount to the nearest dollar. Then, double the amount. Move the decimal place to the left to get the tip.

Example: The bill is $49.75.

Round the amount up to the nearest dollar. $50.00

Double the amount. $100.00

Move the decimal (.) over 1 place to the left. 10.000

The amount to the left of the decimal is the tip. 10.

$10 is the tip.