What does it mean to “HOOK-UP”?

It depends on what we talking about the noun hook-up or verb “Hook-up”.

The NOUN: hook up

a hook up is a connection to something, like electric, water, or a sewer line/

For example:

Here are the “hook-ups” for a washing machine.



  1. To connect something.

Example: We are hooking up the water today.

  1. A sexual encounter

In today’s world, a “hookup” is a casual sexual encounter between two people that are not in a relationship.

It is most often sex between two people that are not dating.

A hookup usually refers to some type of sexual activity; kissing, sexual touch, oral sex, sex, etc.


In the U.S. many people (most often young people) have the hookup culture mindset.

A “one-night stand” is when you have sex with a person and you never see them again.

Many people hook up with people from school, work, or someone they met on social media or dating apps.

There are apps that are just for hookups.