What is AAA? Why Millions of American Have a Membership.

AAA is called “Triple A”. It is an automotive club.

They offer 24-hour roadside assistance.

If you have a flat tire, your car battery is dead, need your car towed, locked your keys in the car, ran out of gas, they usually arrive within 1 hour to help you.

If you are at home, work, at a family or friends house, on vacation, etc. they will come to you.

If your car battery is dead, they have “battery trucks” that will come an install a battery wherever you are.


Having a AAA membership offers drivers peace of mind.

The website for AAA is AAA.com

There are different memberships. See the photo below, that Membership is under $100 a year.

Think about how much a tow truck would cost.


FYI (For Your Information), I was not paid by AAA to write about them. Nor did I receive anything from them. I honestly believe, people in the U.S. who have a car can benefit from a having a AAA membership.