What is LinkedIn and Why You Should Have It.


In the U.S. we have a website called LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a website where professionals connect. It is like a Facebook for your career. Mostly all professionals have a LinkedIn profile.

You use LinkedIn to connect with people. You can’t request “friends” on LinkedIn. You request a “Connection” You say, “I’m connected with them on LinkedIn.


A recruiter (“re-cru-ter”) is a person who is hired by a company to find that company employees.

There are lots of recruiters on LinkedIn that message you, wanting to talk about your skills and offer to find you a job.

When you apply for a job. Many employers will “Google” your name and also check your LinkedIn profile before calling you for an interview. Your LinkedIn profile helps a potential employer learn more about you. Your LinkedIn profile may be the reason you can an interview or not.

Visit LinkedIn.com

FYI (For Your Information), I was not paid by LinkedIn to write about them. Nor did I receive anything from them. I honestly believe, people in the U.S. who are looking for a job and/or want to make professional connections will benefit from a having LinkedIn profile.