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Make a Decision

In English, we used the verb MAKE when talking about a decision. (In the Spanish language they use the verb take to talk about a decision.) Future Tense: make a decision Present Tense: making a decision Past Tense: made a decision Examples: I will make a decision today. I am making a decision right now. I made a decision on that yesterday. Let’s make the decision tomorrow. We are making the decision now. We already made the decision. They can’t make a decision. She needs to make a decision.

Writing Phone Numbers

I see this mistake often with many people new to the United States. In the U.S., our phone numbers follow a specific format. 1-__ __ __ – __ __ __ – __ __ __ __ Write 1– (hyphen)Write the area code– (hyphen)Write 1st three numbers  – (hyphen)Write the last four numbers

Speaking/Saying Phone Numbers

1-__ __ __ – __ __ __ – __ __ __ __ You start with the number 1, then you say the area code, then say the 1st three numbers, pause and the last four. When you say the last four numbers, you say 1st two numbers and pause and say last 2. Say… 1  __ ___ __ area code__ __ __ 1st three numbers  __ __, pause __ __ Say… 1203 (area code)795 (1st three numbers)  81 (pause) 52 (last four numbers)