• Thanksgiving Idioms: (11/23/2023) - I’m stuffed When a person says, “I’m stuffed” it means they are full and don’t want to eat anymore. Examples: After eating a big Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is stuffed. So, we wait for 1-2 hours to have dessert. After eating Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is stuffed. So, we go window shopping to walk around and feel less stuffed.   Extra info.: A teddy bear is a stuffed animal. She is stuffing everything into her suitcase.   Eat like a bird When a person eats like a bird, they eat very little. Examples: Mike is a big guy, but he eats like… Continue Reading
  • Thanksgiving (11/22/2023) - Before we talk about Thanksgiving, let's look at the history of the first people in the U.S. and this will lead to understanding Thanksgiving. The First People in the U.S. The first people to inhabit (live in) the land that is now the United States of America were American Indians/Native Americans/First Peoples. The Native American Indians first came to the land of the U.S. thousands of years ago. In 1492, Christopher Columbus accidentally sailed to the Americas. Columbus was an Italian explorer. He was trying to find the western route or direction from Spain to India. Columbus crossed the Atlantic… Continue Reading
  • A Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior (9/10/2023) - The words/terms freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior are words that tell you what grade in high school and/or year in college a student is in. There is a name for high school students for each grade they are in. When a student is in the 9th grade, they are called a freshman.  Example: You can say, “I’m in 9th grade.” Or “I’m a freshman” When a student is in the 10th grade, they are called a sophomore. When a student is in the 11th grade, they are called a junior. When a student is in the 12th grade, they are… Continue Reading
  • Sexual Harassment (7/6/2023) - Sexual Harassment is any type of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can be verbal or nonverbal. Both the victim and the harasser can be a man or woman. SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS ILLEGAL. It should not be accepted or tolerated anywhere. Some examples of sexual harassment: Actual or attempted rape or sexual assault Unwanted pressure for sexual favors Unwanted deliberate touching, leaning over, cornering, or pinching Unwanted sexual looks or gestures Unwanted phone calls, emails, texts, messages, etc. of a sexual nature Unwanted pressure for date Unwatched touching… Continue Reading
  • Sex Offender (6/7/2023) - **This blog post is ONLY to teach English learners what a sex offender is and provide them with information about how they can find out if a sex offender lives in their neighborhood. A sex offender is a person that has committed a sexual crime. Examples of Sexual Offenses: Sexual misconduct with a minor (someone under 18 years old) Rape Sexual assault of a spouse Molestation of a child Continuous sexual abuse of a child Indecent exposure Public sexual indecency Taking a child for the purpose of prostitution Sexual exploitation of a minor Selling or buying of children Material that… Continue Reading
  • AMBER Alert (5/29/2023) - Have you ever heard your phone make a really loud noise and the screen says AMBER Alert? An AMBER Alert is an emergency response system about a missing person (usually a child). AMBER Alerts go to cell phones, are shown on the TV, and/or electronic road signs. Typically, AMBER Alerts will say the city and/or state and give a LIC (license plate number) of a car the person might be in. Just because the car is in another state, doesn’t mean the car is not in your area. When you see an AMBER Alert, please “be on the lookout” for… Continue Reading
  • Have you ever been catfished? (5/11/2023) - Catfish: When someone creates a fake profile/personal identity to target someone romantically. Examples of things people do when they are catfishing. A person doesn’t use real pictures of themselves. A person alters (edits) their pictures to look very different than they are. A person pies about themselves, their job, etc.   Practice this new phrase. He went to meet her for a date ad she didn’t look anything like her photos. He totally got catfished. She saw him and instantly realized she got catfished. Continue Reading
  • Play Date (5/2/2023) - A play date is a date and time that is set by parents for their children to play together. Typically, parents use the term play date for babies, toddlers, and children in kindergarten. It is sometimes used with children in 1st- 4th grade, However, after 5th it is not used, because it is arranged by parents. As children grow older, they arrange their own time with friends and they refer to it as “hanging out”. Play dates for young children are often 1-2 hours. As children get older, they can from 2 hours to 4 or more. How to ask… Continue Reading
  • Passover (4/5/2023) - Passover is a festival that is celebrated by people of the Jewish faith.  Passover is also called Pesach. The holiday lasts for eight days. Passover is typically during March or April. Passover is a holiday that celebrates God freeing the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.  Passover remembers the journey of the ancient Hebrews leaving slavery in Egypt and going to the “Promise Land” of Israel. On the first or second night of Passover, most families gather (come) together for a Seder; a ritual meal. For the Seder, Jewish people eat specific foods, do specific rituals, and say specific prayers. For tradition,… Continue Reading
  • Have you ever been ghosted? (3/24/2023) - To ghost someone is when a person “cuts off” (ends) all communication abruptly without any warning or explanation and does respond to any calls, messages and/or texts. Practice this phrase by reading the following sentences. He ghosted her after their date. Have you ever been ghosted? It is not nice to ghost people, but it happens often. He thinks she is ghosting him. He totally got ghosted.   Continue Reading